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Hello. My name is Anthony “Scoop” Ervin and I am the Founder of Scoop Hoops. My career started when I began playing basketball at Manchester High School. I played 3 years Varsity Team and went on to play at Fork Union Military Academy.  While playing post graduate basketball at FUMA,  Coach Fletcher Arritt (a coach who has sent thousands of players to every level of college basketball), inspired and taught me the importance of always helping others and not to only worry about yourself, because it’s always bigger than you. I continued to play basketball and earned a full ride to St. Francis University, PA. Afterwards, I played Semi-Pro for 2 years and traveled to China to play.


Scoop Hoops was started during the winter of 2014 in an effort to provide custom training programs to my clients.   Since opening Scoop Hoops, in addition to training scholastic athletes from elementary to the college level, I have trained numerous professional basketball players NBA and Overseas. Including several who have won MVP awards for their performance on the court.


You are probably asking yourself why should I consider Scoop Hoops for my child, what sets him apart from other trainers?


Training athletes goes beyond just on court training with me. Personally, my goal is to motivate my clients through rigorous training while maintaining character, integrity, perseverance and a firm emphasis on education.


Our program provides the following, on AND off the court:

  • Specific strategies to motivate and engage athletes
  • Highly engaged, ready to use strategies to greatly enhance athletic skills
  • Practical and effective ways to help athletes meet and exceed their goals
  • Dozens of dynamic, motivating sessions to help athletes increase their ability
  • Effective, doable ways to differentiate strategies and plays


How do we achieve these goals for each athlete?

  • The program includes mentorship, leadership, and discipline. I truly believe athletes need more than just skill development on the court, in addition to game situation type training that you can apply to the game. As a player you need confidence, dedication, and focus, and together we work on all areas of what an athlete needs mentally and physically.
  • Mentorship in academics, life, and sports is key in establishing a well rounded individual. It is important to me to provide my athletes with guidance in order to provide them with experience and knowledge in their lives both on and off the court. Academics are top priority for the student athletes I work with. I know first hand what recruiters are looking for, therefore I push my clients to set their academics as their main concern, sports comes second, trust the process.


I invite you to contact me if you would like additional information on training or to register for summer camps I am hosting. Thank you for taking your time to read about my company and what we have to offer.


Scoop Ervin


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